I was fortunate enought to attend Ubucon in NYC. Google was great, as always. The food was fantastic, the people nice and polite. We had a one main speaking area, a smaller room for more specialized topics, and then a full conference room dedicated to the installfest. I met a lot of great folks there. Unfortunately, I forgot that you couldn’t take pictures except in the foyer. So, I got two shots off with my big camera before I was duly chastized.

Reg desk

John Mark opening

You can see this a bit better on my flickr page. Like me, MagicFab also missed the “no camera” rule anouncement and it turns out he was able to get some great shots. I hope he posts them to his flickr page.

Mako called Sean Moss-Pultz from OpenMoko project and Sean was able to stop by and show us the new OpenMoko phone. It’s big in size but amazingly light weight. Watching the init process scroll on the screen just gives me goose-bumps. 🙂 Mako also brought in the latest hardware revision of the OLTP. This latest revision sure did fix a few things from the last release. The laptop opening mechanism is not what I would call intuitive. It was with great amusement that we watched folks struggle to get it open. Once you figure it out it’s super easy to effect.

Jay Sulzberger was on hand to give a vivacious talk. Unfortunately he was late in the afternoon and didn’t have a full house. Nevertheless, it was good.

Edit: 2006-02-21I was included in the official writeup of this event!