For the uninitiated, here’s the joke: CoLoCoCon = Colorado Local Community Team (LoCo) Conference. That’s just in there to put a smirk on a few faces who might gaze across this post.

In reality, tonight we welcomed Malcolm Yates to Colorado at a downtown Pub. The idea was for Malcolm to meet the Colorado LoCo team. However with the cold weather and freezing rain, the folks from the Utah LoCo who came down outnumbered our team! (doh!) This is the first known mini regional LoCo event in the Mid-West USA that we know of so from that aspect it was nifty.

Aaron Toponce Aaron Toponce (with secret tattoo) and his bubbly wife from Utah

David Overcash, Christer Edwards and his wife David Overcash (Colorado), Christer’s lovely new bride, and Christer Edwards (with his 20 pound laptop) from Utah

Sir Malcolm Yates Malcolm Yates performing a scene from King Lear

Joey, Christer, Aaron, David Joey (me), Christer, Aaron, and David posing with the Blue-buntu. This picture tells you a lot about Colorado and Utah culture. It was about 19 degrees F (- 7 degrees C) with a light freezing rain coming down. I’m wearing hiking boots, the Utah boys are wearing sneakers, and David is wearing open sandles. 🙂

Also present were Carl from System76 and Collins Richie, both from Colorado and both more sensibly dressed than the rest of us. 🙂

Our thanks to Malcolm for taking some time to visit us.