I thought I’d quickly blog about my presentation tonight at NCLUG located at College America. It went well, probably one of the better ones I’ve done. I knew I’d like the place right off because their logo is Tux holding a digitized glass of beer. 🙂 The folks were very nice and interactive. What was to be a 1.5 hour presentation was broken into two parts. One hour for me and three (!!!) hours of questions. The majority of tech questions surrounded

  • Ian’s and Scott’s udev enhancements particularly around evms. Result: Very much sought after.
  • Collin’s proposal for an Ubiquity overhaul. Result: Fantastic as long as you’re not forced to use ext3.
  • PingunZ’s beta for autokernel. Result: Awesome but we initially thought this was Debian’s live kernel patching system.
  • Ian’s and Scott’s Winmodem support. Result: Amazing desire for this. The current lack of implementation of this spec was listed as a blocker to Linux adoption. (!!!)
  • Fabio’s spec for HA clusters. Result: “I’m darn tired of having to write custom scripts for Ubuntu’s HA ‘support’. About darn time someone considered standardizing and supporting these.”

All things considered it was a great time.