My wife, in an uncharacteristic move, bought me the wildly cool Sansa e280 to replace my aging iPod. The Sansa is a neat unit basically developed by Portal Player, the company behind those colourful secondary displays on laptops. The Sansa is flash based and supports mounting like a flash card or using Micro$oft’s Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). The good news it that Linux supports both. MTP support is courtesy of libmtp. Interestingly, the only full featured Linux media player to support MTP is Amarok. So, this dedicated Gnome user took the plunge and installed it. I was very surprised to see how many new features it has in it since the last time I looked: Good job Amarok team! It does not seem to support the Sansa e280 even though libmtp does. Hence a bug report I’m hoping someone at KDE might eventually look at: Bug 139247 – Amarok MTP discovery of Sansa e280 fails yet mtp-detect sees player