In a follow-up comment to my post on my strategy secrets, I thought I’d mention two more related items.

  1. Occam’s Razor – applied to my strategy yields Keep It Simple Stupid (aka KISS). This is the overarching governance method I use. It avoids complexity and keeps things easier to manage. Should something not work in it’s simplest form then one can add additional complexity.
  2. Integration – When my three items from the previous post are applied, it sets you up well for integration. One might argue, quite successfully I might add, that you should treat integration as really a 4th item or perhaps combine it with consolidation. I’ve found this leads to additional complexity so I concentrate on the three areas and then, almost as a by-product, integration becomes the next logical thing to pursue.

So, the expanded picture looks like this: KISS everything, execute strategy, consolidation, and automation plans, then realize the opportunity of integration and execute on it.