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Joey Stanford

Tunes and my Musical Ineptitude

Some folks who’ve been reading Jono‘s blog and presumably been using JoKosher have questioned me about my past band days. (How in Mark’s name did they find out???) So, this post will set it straight. In order, yes:

  • I was on one of the very first MTV shows in the early 80s doing Air Guitar.
  • I was a member of the 80’s acid rock band Psycodelic Mushrooms (yes, Psycho not Psyche). I was backup vocals and backup kazoo. Our masterpiece album was called “Stuck in the Stalls”. Music mysteriously disappeared. It was probably burned by the RIAA.
  • I was part of a Lip Sync Band in the 80s that won a bunch of awards. Anyone remember the old show “Putting on the Hits” that ran for almost one season?
  • I used to play a Hammond Organ, in fact the exact style currently in the Wikipedia entry.
  • I spent time as a roadie with New Kids on the Block, Phil Collins, George Straight, and the immensely funny Jay Leno.
  • I did track my own music before discovering GNU/Linux. None of the mods have survived though.
  • I was a member of the Michael Collins Pipe Band in which I played, rather poorly I might add, wonderful semi-custom pipes.
  • I had a brief love affair with GarageBand and produced some tunes. JoKosher is drawing my attention since I switched to Ubuntu.
  • I admit to knowing tommEE pickles

And the funniest part of all of this is that I have absolutely no musical talent. I can’t carry a tune in basket supported by an opera singer. My neighbor’s dogs howl in pain when I try to sing and my cat runs for cover. I used to throw the whole pipe band off time. I’m rather surprised they didn’t give me my own metronome or take the reeds out of my pipes. Oh wait, they did. 🙂

Well, all of this has proven to me that I’m not going to win any music awards so I might as well sit back and Listen, just listen.

ps. Please don’t ask me about my acting career and why IMDB refuses to list me. Buy me a beer for that one.

Joey Stanford

Off to UDS-MTV

Tomorrow I fly off to the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit in Mountain View, California.  I apparently didn’t get the memo about the group hotel so I’m staying at the love shack.
Like Jono, I’m attending partly for the people and partly because of the distro. Unlike Jono I’m also off to MTV because of two other reasons:

  1. Dinner with my day job client
  2. A visit to Mitsuwa Marketplace. For those of you from Chicago, you’ll recognize it immediately.

So, like the rest, I’ll be *cough* Fawning over the next release of Ubuntu.