UDS is wrapping up here at Google. It’s been fantastic and productive. I’d like to thank Google for the space and the 10 pounds I added with the great food, Mark for sponsoring it, the Canonical employees for their hard work and comradeship, and to everyone who attended because they made this event simply fantastic.

Back to business: Jono in this post has commented on most of what I was going to contribute. I’d like to echo the sentiments on one of the more important specs: Unifying LoCo Resources w/ Launchpad. This is very exciting to me because it will create the beginnings of a web based LoCo management system. If this spec is approved it will add further justification to fully localizing Launchpad so that non-English teams will be able to better use the system. Of course, this is probably dependent on fully localizing Rosetta. I have to admit, I am very impressed with Danilo and Carlos of Rosetta/Launchpad. They have really gone out of their way to help this summit.

Last night a few of us attended the BayPiggies meeting. We were rather surprised when the night’s topic was TSAFE. While not really having anything to do with the meeting theme per se, it was rather interesting. We did have a chance to meet some of the Twisted developers who just happened to show up.

I wondered over to the main hotel after the piggies meeting and found myself being initiated into the Ubuntu version of game of Mao. The game of Mao is eminently worth learning. My fellow players were kind enough to provide an occasional tool-tip from time to time but Ian was a really strict parser. 🙂 Brandon was nice enough to join us in the beginning but he had a stack overflow after an hour.

This morning has seen a lot of drafting sessions so we’ve divided up into clusters and are working on our related projects while we’re still together. This event isn’t over yet but I’m anxiously looking forward to the next one.