UDS Day 3 has been a bit different from the others so far. We didn’t have a really big turn-out today for some reason and we didn’t have a lengthly kick-off in the morning. We just dived right into discussions and drafting.

Today was the first day Erik and Carl from System76 were able to join. It’s great to see them here.

I had a nice short talk with maddog just before lunch about the future of Linux International.

I was able to spend some time Carlos and Danilo from the Rosetta team. I was able to cover a few items that we’ve discovered on our translation team as well as Tim‘s specific comments. It was great to learn how the Rosetta development process works and to know that they are addressing almost all of our pain points. A quick trip through the open specifications should be of interest to the larger translation community.

Mitch, who runs DevUbuntu, has been working on a visual redisign of Ubuntu-Rocks.Org …thank goodness. My old temp site was horrid. One the discussions here at the UDS has been about what do we want Ubuntu-Rocks.Org to be. It’s extremely easy to make it a pretty portal page that replaces Ubuntu-US but that seems wrong to us. Based on conversations yesterday and today, we believe that officially approved LoCos should have hosting on a domain hung off ubuntu.com. e.g. berlin.de.ubuntu.com or colorado.us.ubuntu.com. This hosting would link to the team’s wiki or perhaps even a small webportal with key information which then links to the team’s wiki. The reason for this is to create an integrated consisent location for LoCo’s and the services they support (Education, Marketing, Translation, Local Support, Technical testing, and the base community work). Content/template of any small webportal is to be determined. You can have a read at the updated notes from the final LoCo Teams spec from today. At it’s very base, Ubuntu-Rocks.Org was designed to host blogs and webpages. We have no qualms about moving towards a more integrated Canonical sponsored solution but that leaves our fate on the Rocks at the moment. 🙂

Google has just provided us with even more food. My goodnes, I’m going to explode. It’s fantastic food (good thing my wife doesn’t read my blog). 🙂