We had several great sessions this morning followed up by a great trip to Cafe’ Google. I got some looks walking away with two boxes of treasures but it was worth it. Very tasty.

Today again I’m simply astounded at the dedication and sheer altruism of the folks that surround me here in Mountain View. Many people have taken time off from work and family to attend. Everyone has one goal in mind: Making Ubuntu Rock. This community would be a great case study on how to generate dedication and devotion in people.
While working on actual specifications is what we are here for I do want to donate some words to the value of idle conversation at an event like this. I’ve learned a lot about various different things during downtime dicussions. e.g. Quinn Storm talking about the future of Beryl. Mark VDB talking about language and political issues with Ubuntu.

This morning I attended (and took notes for) Country Teams and Membership Management. Both were great discussions with folks remotely attending via VoIP, Gobby, and IRC. Chris has done a great job on keep asterisk running.

The wifi connection is a bit better this morning. Just as lunch was announced we found a promising solution.