Today is drawing to a close here in Mountain View. I’ve attended LoCo Teams, which quite a few particpants over VoIP, and Coordinating with Language teams. I was quite surprised to realize that LoCo teams have been a key discussion point these past two days. Mostly surrounding how to leverage our LoCo teams to help accomplish our larger mission. Specific areas to source LoCo participation:

  • Marketing
  • Press
  • Translation
  • Testing of Localisation
  • Local CD Distribution

We also discussed how to improve LoCos and inter-LoCo integration. See the wiki entries of the specs for more information.

Tease of the Day: “Joey, You make a smashingly good adminstrative assistant.” — Jono Bacon

I was able to overhear some more good idle talk this afternoon. One of particular interest to me was Simon McVittie talking about how Gabble from Telepathy works. I was also talking to a fine Kubuntu geek named Tonio who is convinced that I should switch from Gnome to KDE now that my major pain point, ARTS, is going to be replaced by gstreamer.

Best T-Shirt: “I build OpenOffice, do you?” — Doko

Today wound down a bit earlier since many specs are in drafting. Evan said “You know, we’ve only been here two days and we’ve already accomplished so much.”

Mirco Müller was nice enough to provide us an brief overview of high jumping martial arts and Capoeira as well. Interesting stuff!