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Joey Stanford

UDS Day 4pm & 5

UDS is wrapping up here at Google. It’s been fantastic and productive. I’d like to thank Google for the space and the 10 pounds I added with the great food, Mark for sponsoring it, the Canonical employees for their hard work and comradeship, and to everyone who attended because they made this event simply fantastic.

Back to business: Jono in this post has commented on most of what I was going to contribute. I’d like to echo the sentiments on one of the more important specs: Unifying LoCo Resources w/ Launchpad. This is very exciting to me because it will create the beginnings of a web based LoCo management system. If this spec is approved it will add further justification to fully localizing Launchpad so that non-English teams will be able to better use the system. Of course, this is probably dependent on fully localizing Rosetta. I have to admit, I am very impressed with Danilo and Carlos of Rosetta/Launchpad. They have really gone out of their way to help this summit.

Last night a few of us attended the BayPiggies meeting. We were rather surprised when the night’s topic was TSAFE. While not really having anything to do with the meeting theme per se, it was rather interesting. We did have a chance to meet some of the Twisted developers who just happened to show up.

I wondered over to the main hotel after the piggies meeting and found myself being initiated into the Ubuntu version of game of Mao. The game of Mao is eminently worth learning. My fellow players were kind enough to provide an occasional tool-tip from time to time but Ian was a really strict parser. ๐Ÿ™‚ Brandon was nice enough to join us in the beginning but he had a stack overflow after an hour.

This morning has seen a lot of drafting sessions so we’ve divided up into clusters and are working on our related projects while we’re still together. This event isn’t over yet but I’m anxiously looking forward to the next one.

Joey Stanford

Good Job Utah!

Utah License Plate

Way to go Aaron Toponce from the Utah LoCo!

Joey Stanford

UDS Day 4: Morning

I mentioned yesterday about my quick chat with maddog. I remembered last night something he said and thought it blogworthy: “The person who does the most for Free Software is the person you see in the mirror when you wakeup in the morning.” The more I contemplate the root meaning of that statement, the more I realise that it holds true for Ubuntu as well. As a community, every contribution is important. Just ask Andreas Lloyd.

For the record, Jenda Vanฤura pronounces his name as “Yenda Vahn-Choora”.

And in case you missed it, here is the big pre-announcement from Mark and SUN yesterday.

Joey Stanford

UDS: Select Pictures

Click for larger image:

Mark presenting, Leslie in motion.


Eyes on Mark


Melissa & Jono


My Hero, Doko


Bottle Dancing picture not displayed at Jono’s request. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Joey Stanford

UDS Day 3: Mid-Afternoon

UDS Day 3 has been a bit different from the others so far. We didn’t have a really big turn-out today for some reason and we didn’t have a lengthly kick-off in the morning. We just dived right into discussions and drafting.

Today was the first day Erik and Carl from System76 were able to join. It’s great to see them here.

I had a nice short talk with maddog just before lunch about the future of Linux International.

I was able to spend some time Carlos and Danilo from the Rosetta team. I was able to cover a few items that we’ve discovered on our translation team as well as Tim‘s specific comments. It was great to learn how the Rosetta development process works and to know that they are addressing almost all of our pain points. A quick trip through the open specifications should be of interest to the larger translation community.

Mitch, who runs DevUbuntu, has been working on a visual redisign of Ubuntu-Rocks.Org …thank goodness. My old temp site was horrid. One the discussions here at the UDS has been about what do we want Ubuntu-Rocks.Org to be. It’s extremely easy to make it a pretty portal page that replaces Ubuntu-US but that seems wrong to us. Based on conversations yesterday and today, we believe that officially approved LoCos should have hosting on a domain hung off e.g. or This hosting would link to the team’s wiki or perhaps even a small webportal with key information which then links to the team’s wiki. The reason for this is to create an integrated consisent location for LoCo’s and the services they support (Education, Marketing, Translation, Local Support, Technical testing, and the base community work). Content/template of any small webportal is to be determined. You can have a read at the updated notes from the final LoCo Teams spec from today. At it’s very base, Ubuntu-Rocks.Org was designed to host blogs and webpages. We have no qualms about moving towards a more integrated Canonical sponsored solution but that leaves our fate on the Rocks at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Google has just provided us with even more food. My goodnes, I’m going to explode. It’s fantastic food (good thing my wife doesn’t read my blog). ๐Ÿ™‚

Joey Stanford

UDS Day 2: Night Life

Leslie organized some “carousing” for the Google generation tonight. Some of the old farts like myself also attended for socializing.

To sum it up: The Buddah said “sudo apt-get -m —force-yes —allow-unathenticated install drink dance”. Thankfully it didn’t appear that the —purge option was needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things you missed:

  • Simon‘s John Travolta immitation
  • Jorge being cornered by women wanting him to dance
  • Robert getting into the groove
  • Jono‘s bottle dance
  • ..and much more..
Joey Stanford

UDS Day 2: Finishing up

Today is drawing to a close here in Mountain View. I’ve attended LoCo Teams, which quite a few particpants over VoIP, and Coordinating with Language teams. I was quite surprised to realize that LoCo teams have been a key discussion point these past two days. Mostly surrounding how to leverage our LoCo teams to help accomplish our larger mission. Specific areas to source LoCo participation:

  • Marketing
  • Press
  • Translation
  • Testing of Localisation
  • Local CD Distribution

We also discussed how to improve LoCos and inter-LoCo integration. See the wiki entries of the specs for more information.

Tease of the Day: “Joey, You make a smashingly good adminstrative assistant.” — Jono Bacon

I was able to overhear some more good idle talk this afternoon. One of particular interest to me was Simon McVittie talking about how Gabble from Telepathy works. I was also talking to a fine Kubuntu geek named Tonio who is convinced that I should switch from Gnome to KDE now that my major pain point, ARTS, is going to be replaced by gstreamer.

Best T-Shirt: “I build OpenOffice, do you?” — Doko

Today wound down a bit earlier since many specs are in drafting. Evan said “You know, we’ve only been here two days and we’ve already accomplished so much.”

Mirco Mรผller was nice enough to provide us an brief overview of high jumping martial arts and Capoeira as well. Interesting stuff!

Joey Stanford

UDS Day 2: Morning

We had several great sessions this morning followed up by a great trip to Cafe’ Google. I got some looks walking away with two boxes of treasures but it was worth it. Very tasty.

Today again I’m simply astounded at the dedication and sheer altruism of the folks that surround me here in Mountain View. Many people have taken time off from work and family to attend. Everyone has one goal in mind: Making Ubuntu Rock. This community would be a great case study on how to generate dedication and devotion in people.
While working on actual specifications is what we are here for I do want to donate some words to the value of idle conversation at an event like this. I’ve learned a lot about various different things during downtime dicussions. e.g. Quinn Storm talking about the future of Beryl. Mark VDB talking about language and political issues with Ubuntu.

This morning I attended (and took notes for) Country Teams and Membership Management. Both were great discussions with folks remotely attending via VoIP, Gobby, and IRC. Chris has done a great job on keep asterisk running.

The wifi connection is a bit better this morning. Just as lunch was announced we found a promising solution.

Joey Stanford

UDS Day 1: Winding Down

I attended a number of good sessions today. My favourites were consolidation of spell checkers, the CC Nominations, and Community Bug Reporting.

Other items:

  • I spent a lot of good time with our local teams workings on specs in Gobby.
  • Bandwidth was a bit…variable…today. We hope it will improve tomorrow.
  • We were provided a real feast of food which was fantastic.
  • The folks here are really quite friendly and appear to be very dedicated to making Ubuntu succeed.
  • You too can participate, even remotely.

Special thanks to Leslie who provided the food service, gift packs, and general help. And more thanks to Mako for the entertainment.

Joey Stanford

UDS Day 1: Meet -n- Greet

Greetings from UDS.

After a nice walk to the building, I’ve had the pleasure this morning to meet a number of fine folks. Currently I’m sitting next to Og, Melissa, and Evan, and a crazy singing Belgian stalker.

I’m a bit amazed at the amount of folks here today. I haven’t seen some of our local Colorado folks yet. Everyone is very friendly as well.

More to come…. ๐Ÿ™‚