I emailed my good acquaintance, perhaps I should use the word friend as I consider him one, Pat Norton the other day about being allowed as a guest audience member of DL.TV. As hoped, the answer was “Definitely, dude. Our doors are always open for ya!” I’ve known Pat for several years now but our somewhat distant locations and unrelated jobs (media vs services) keep us apart for the most part. We usually meet up for an hour or so at Defcon each year and catch up. While we never talk about it directly, we share a joint interest in technology, things named Molly, sea kayaks, sledgehammers, and the mysteries of corporate decisions. An interesting thing about Pat is that his on-air and off-air personalities are basically the same. This makes him an natural at making friends. A lot of folks seem to bond with Pat, myself included. And for the record, Pat is 2 months and 20 days younger than I am. 🙂 While I barely win in the age category it’s still a close race on hair loss. 🙂 (Sorry Pat, couldn’t resist.)
I’ve had the privilege of meeting several members of the old ScreenSaver’s cast and some of their notable celebrities. I even uncovered the reason Dan Huard is referred to as Danny Foo (and no, I’m not telling). In the end, I’ve been quite lucky to know these folks, especially Pat. I’m equally as lucky to know several posters to the Ubuntu Planet.

On a final, completely unrelated note, I’ve discovered something wonderful. Those of you who know me already know that I don’t really drink except a few times a year. When I do have a drink the Irish in me demands Guinness or Smithwick’s (which I pronounce for the record “Smidicks”). Recently I’ve taken a liking to a hometown brew from Redstone Meadery. They make the finest mead I’ve had anywhere. It’s a bit on the sweet side but that 12% hits your extremely quickly and before long you’re a “happy camper” as we say here in the states.