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Joey Stanford

Edgy Party Aftermath :-) & CoLoCo Announcements

Thanks to the horde of folks who attended the Edgy Release Party in Denver. Special thanks also go out to our evening’s sponsors, system76, who brought some wonderful swag as well as their views and experiences operating a business heavily tied to Ubuntu. Thanks to Chris for some extra CDs and Mitch for additional Stickers.

A couple of related CoLoCo announcements:

  1. Massive updates applied to our team page.
  2. Thank you to Chris and David who volunteered for a few positions. Chris has volunteered to lead our LoCo’s Education Team, and David has volunteered to be the deputy team lead. Chris also has volunteered to lead up our Activism efforts. Yeah!
  3. I posted a rough set of meeting minutes.
  4. I posted some of the photos from my camera.

Thanks again to everyone for making it a great release party!

Joey Stanford

Interesting Ways to Suck Down Edgy

Prior today’s release of Edgy, I started playing with various methods trying to find the fastest way to make a personal mirror of files for my LoCo. For some reason I unconsciously excluded anything with a GUI, like gftp, downloader4x, etc..

1) I first started with the tried and true rsync method. This resulted in a quick script:

rsync -Lvv –progress rsync://*.torrent .

I executed this in a blank directory. It was very slow and for some reason rsync keeps insisting that the ubuntu server files had changed. But it worked.

2) I then tried jigit (just install and type jigit in an empty directory). It indeed did work but it essentially used wget to grab the Ubuntu jigit directory, not simply the ISOs. Wget performed better than rsync but with all of other items it tries to download, it was also slow.

3) I then stumbled across and from the bittorrent package. These two files both read a directory full of torrent files and issue multiple bittorrent downloads. This resulted in another quick script:

rsync -Lvv –progress rsync://*.torrent .
btlaunchmanycurses ./

..which I then executed in an empty directory and wow. It allowed me to max my 7meg pipe, share my bandwidth during upload in the nice bittorrent fashion, and it also verified file integrity.  I highly recommend this method.

Joey Stanford

Are Linux Distributions Like Children?

Yesterday I was thinking about how much energy my three year old son Tim has. I remembered when I was child hearing my mother and other adults remark “I wish I had that much energy.” This got me wondering, why are children so full of energy? I don’t think it’s because they are young, as everyone says. I can go play with Tim at much the same energy level but my endurance level usually wins. So, what could it be? I tried to think back to when I was child. I remembered that everything was new, much of it undiscovered, and fascinating. Then I remembered back a few weeks ago navigating a corn maze at Anderson Farms. I had that same feeling as when I was kid and I was just bursting with limitless energy (just ask my wife who, in better physical shape than me, was exhausted after only an hour).

So, I think that’s the answer. Children have all of their energy because things are new and fascinating. Adults have considerably less energy because things aren’t as fresh and exciting. What if Linux distributions are children? Let’s compare a few: Slackware – Once (early 90s) new and exciting but now old, established, not that many users comparatively any longer. Ubuntu – new, edgy (and feisty), with lots of users. Hmm, could there be something to this or is it just coincidence? What about Debian? Debian has been around almost as long as Slackware. It is old, established, but, interestingly, has some number of users. Could endurance be a factor?
If these few examples are close to the truth then it implies that a good distro must be stabled and supported (the endurance factor) yet nimble and quick to embrace the “new hotness” (like Ubuntu).

Ever wonder why the fading Fedora Core is gaining users back? They have endurance for certain but take a look at the latest beta – new AIXGL hotness.

On Target or Missed by a Mile? You decide.  Post your thoughts in the comments section.

Joey Stanford

Ubuntu SIP Server

Question: With the focus on getting SIP, Telephony, and related presence packages into Ubuntu, why have we not selected a community SIP and Jabber location? I know my IP Phone would love to be registered at one. 🙂 While I have the bandwidth over at, it’s a shared server so I can’t install asterisk. Jabber, however, is already installed. (and it is locked so no pony for you)  🙂

Joey Stanford

OT: DL.TV, Pat Norton, Irish beer, and Mead

I emailed my good acquaintance, perhaps I should use the word friend as I consider him one, Pat Norton the other day about being allowed as a guest audience member of DL.TV. As hoped, the answer was “Definitely, dude. Our doors are always open for ya!” I’ve known Pat for several years now but our somewhat distant locations and unrelated jobs (media vs services) keep us apart for the most part. We usually meet up for an hour or so at Defcon each year and catch up. While we never talk about it directly, we share a joint interest in technology, things named Molly, sea kayaks, sledgehammers, and the mysteries of corporate decisions. An interesting thing about Pat is that his on-air and off-air personalities are basically the same. This makes him an natural at making friends. A lot of folks seem to bond with Pat, myself included. And for the record, Pat is 2 months and 20 days younger than I am. 🙂 While I barely win in the age category it’s still a close race on hair loss. 🙂 (Sorry Pat, couldn’t resist.)
I’ve had the privilege of meeting several members of the old ScreenSaver’s cast and some of their notable celebrities. I even uncovered the reason Dan Huard is referred to as Danny Foo (and no, I’m not telling). In the end, I’ve been quite lucky to know these folks, especially Pat. I’m equally as lucky to know several posters to the Ubuntu Planet.

On a final, completely unrelated note, I’ve discovered something wonderful. Those of you who know me already know that I don’t really drink except a few times a year. When I do have a drink the Irish in me demands Guinness or Smithwick’s (which I pronounce for the record “Smidicks”). Recently I’ve taken a liking to a hometown brew from Redstone Meadery. They make the finest mead I’ve had anywhere. It’s a bit on the sweet side but that 12% hits your extremely quickly and before long you’re a “happy camper” as we say here in the states.

Joey Stanford

Announcement: Oct 27th – Ubuntu Edgy Release Party


The Ubuntu Colorado Local Community Team is proud to announce the Edgy Release Party! We’re being sponsored by

The party will be Friday Oct 27th at 18:00 (6pm) at the Falling Rock Tap House in the Basement. WiFi is available so bring your laptop, blank CDs, and power strips.

Everyone is welcome!