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James Tait

A year at Canonical

Tuesday 23rd August marked one year of me working at Canonical. I thought it would be interesting to collect some stats about what I’ve done in that year.

  • 104 code branches merged
  • 6 business trips
  • 37 days away from home
  • 30,172 air miles travelled
  • 64 hours and 45 minutes flying time
  • 3 countries visited

Plus hundreds of hours pair programming via shared Screen sessions and Mumble chats, dozens of code reviews performed, countless new people met, exposure to a handful of new products and frameworks, and a vast amount of knowledge exchanged between colleagues and members of the community alike. It’s unfortunate that most of the stats that I have readily available relate to the travel aspect of the job, because that’s the least memorable part. I wonder what I could do to rectify that before my second Canoniversary.

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