In Ubuntu 10.10 we introduced the ability to purchase software through the Ubuntu Software Centre.  Because of the existing manual process to get new ISVs (independent software vendors) signed up, however, the number of applications available for purchase has grown slower than we’d like.  The solution we’ve selected to this problem is to have a standard developer program for ISVs to sign up to and to provide an online self-service portal where they can manage their applications.  As we’re about to launch the first preview of this portal, we wanted to show the experience a first-time user will have from agreeing to the developer terms to actually having their new software appear in the Software Centre.

For this initial release, access is limited to ISVs we have an existing relationship with.  Once we’ve ironed out the early wrinkles, we’ll be opening the doors to everyone.  If you would like to hear when the service launches publicly, keep an eye on the Canonical blog and