The first PulseAudio conference is approaching quickly. This is a shoutout for people who might be interested, but missed the mailinglist announcement.

The conference will be Friday 2nd November 2012, and colocated with Ubuntu Developer Summit and Linaro Connect, in Bella Center, Copenhagen.

There is no attendance fee, but you’ll need a UDS or LC registration (which are also free) to be able to get into the conference area. (Note: LC might be the safer bet here as UDS ends on Thursday)

There had been a few topics brought up on the mailinglist, but we welcome anyone who would like to contribute to constructive discussions and help to shape the future of PulseAudio!

If you would like to attend, how about you write an email to the pulseaudio-discuss mailinglist with the topic(s) you want to bring up, and maybe a small presentation with your background and interests? Of course, if you mostly want to listen in rather than bring your own topics, that’s okay too!