Yeay, the new Mesa (17.0.2-1ubuntu2) has landed! (Many thanks to Timo.) This new Mesa incorporates a new EGL backend for Mir (as a distro patch). We will be moving away from the old backend by Mir 1.0, but for now both the new and old backends coexist.

This new backend has been implemented as a new platform in Mesa EGL so that we can easily rip out the old platform when we are ready. Being ready means switching _all_ the EGL clients out there to the new Mesa EGL types exported by this backend.

In case you are wondering, the new EGL types are [1]:

MirConnection* –> EGLNativeDisplayType

MirSurface* –> EGLNativeWindowType

Note that we currently use MirRenderSurface for what will soon be renamed to MirSurface. So at the moment, technically we have MirRenderSurface* as theEGLNativeWindowType.

Once we feel confident we will be pushing this patch upstream as well.

There should be no visible differences in your EGL applications due to this change which is a good thing. If you are curious about the code differences that this new backend introduces check out the ‘eglapp’ wrapper that we use in a number of our example apps :

The new backend is activated by the ‘-r’ switch which sets the ‘new_egl’ flag, so you can see what is done differently in the code by looking at how this flag makes the code change.

Our interfaces are maturing and we are a big step closer to Mir 1.0.


[1] Mir does not support pixmaps.