Mir Windowing System in Kodi

Here is a video of Kodi running on mir [1]. The source for the port is sitting [2 xbmc/xbmc/windowing/mir ]. My plan is to upstream the changes and maintain the port [6]. There are some more things to fix up, but the main part is ready to upstream.

It will be compile time support, meaning you’ll need to compile with mir support specifically. As Kodi does not support runtime windowing selection. This also means it’ll have a low risk to the main code base. The port supports both opengl and opengles. I also need to test this out on an embedded device (such as raspi/dragon board). Ideally creating a nice kiosk Kodi media center would be awesome running on mir!

I have also snapped up Kodi with mir support [3] with help from [4] and Alberto Aguirre [5]. This is an amazing use case of a snap, having Kodi in a kiosk type system. The main goal as well is to get this working on an embedded device so you install a ubuntu core image, then just install this snap through the store and you’ve a fully working media center!

If you’ve any questions feel free to poke me (bschaefer) in freenode #ubuntu-mir anytime or email me at brandon.schaefer@canonical.com

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