Fairer than Death

The changes at Canonical have had an effect both on the priorities for the Mir project and on the resources available for future development. We have been meeting to make new plans. In short:

Mir is alive, there are Canonical IoT projects that use it. Work will continue on Mir to support these and on cleaning and upstreaming the distro patches Ubuntu carries to support Mir.

Canonical are no longer working on a desktop environment or phone shell. However we will maintain the existing support Mir has for compositing and window management. (We’re happy to receive PRs in support of similar efforts.)

4 thoughts on “Fairer than Death”

  1. Will you be collaborating with Yunit and UBPorts at all, and merging components or will this continue as another fork? It would be some effort to continue these stream if rather than convergence we see divergence..

    1. As I understand it Yunit isn’t planning on forking Mir.

      I’ve had brief discussions with mariogrip of UBports about future direction. AIUI the only work likely to happen there is to implement a Mir-on-Wayland platform. There are two ways to co-ordinate on that:
      o For the (original) Mir project to publish the “platform” headers, so that 3rd party platforms are supported. That would reduce the load on UBports to maintaining this Mir-on-Wayland platform.
      o For the (original) Mir project to accept a PR with the Mir-on-Wayland platform.

  2. I was a former mir developer and have joined the UBports effort. Yes we are planing to move to wayland. Currently the plan is to complete the mir-on-wayland platform and add a wayland connector to mirserver. This is where the actual work starts: figuring out how to deal with the special functions of the ubuntu touch/personal stack – like the content hub or the prompt sessions. We will make PRs for all of the above..

    And yes we have to resurrect the mir android platform as an independent package and we will port it to the new hwc interface.

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