miral gets cut & paste

For some time now I’ve been intending to investigate the cut & paste mechanisms in the Unity8/Mir stack with the intention of ensuring they are supported in MirAL.

I’ve never had the time to do this, so I was surprised to discover that cut & paste is now working! (At least on Zesty.)

I assume that this is piggy-backing off the support being added to enable the “experimental” Unity8 desktop session, so I hope that this “magic” continues to work.

2 thoughts on “miral gets cut & paste”

  1. It’s kinda worrisome that even Mir’s developers have hard time understanding its internals. Is this smth wrong with the codebase or documentation?

    The Mir itself is completely uninteresting, just like Wayland. I still prefer Mir though due to better (more Freedom-friednly) license, but if it’s really that hard to build tiling WMs on top of it than I’ll be forced to use Wayland instead.

    1. Functionality isn’t organized the way it is in X11. In this case Mir isn’t involved in Cut & Paste – that’s down to the “content hub” service. So, toolkits talk to that, not the Mir server. It just needed to be configured to work with a miral-shell based session.

      As for a tiling WM, there is an example of one in MirAL already:

      $ miral-desktop --window-manager tiling

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