I’ve been playing with the “kiosk” concept implemented by miral-kiosk. Kevin Gunn and Alberto Aguirre have been using it to demonstrate Mir snaps (kg’s blog) so I decided to join the fun.

Mircade is a very basic kiosk-launcher for whatever games are installed on a system. It tries to work out whether the game will run natively on Mir and, if not, will try running them on Xmir (if installed).

To play, you need the latest miral-examples and libmiral-dev installed. You can “apt install miral-examples” from Zesty archive/Xenial “stable phone overlay” PPA, or build it from source on Xenial or later.

$ sudo apt install miral-examples libmiral-dev mir-graphics-drivers-desktop xmir

Once you have that sorted, Mircade is available from github. It has a few dependencies (I’ve tried to list them, but have probably missed one).

$ git clone https://github.com/AlanGriffiths/mircade.git
$ sudo apt install libfreetype6-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-system-dev cmake
$ cd mircade/
$ cmake .
$ make
$ miral-desktop -kiosk -launcher ./mircade

Navigation is by arrow keys (left/right) and selection by Space or Enter. When your game exits you return to the mircade launcher.

Not all games work perfectly on Mir (yet):

  • Most of the GTK based games (like gnome-chess) run, but sometimes fail to “fullscreen”;
  • SDL2 based games (like 7kaa) have a tendency to segfault on exit; and,
  • X11 based games using Xmir may or may not work.

Have fun!