MirAL 0.4

There’s a new MirAL release (0.4.0) available in ‘Zesty Zapus’ (Ubuntu 17.04) and the so-called “stable phone overlay” ppa for ‘Xenial Xerus’. MirAL is a project aimed at simplifying the development of Mir servers and particularly providing a stable ABI and sensible default behaviors.

Unsurprisingly, given the project’s original goal, the ABI is unchanged. The changes in 0.4.0 fall into two categories:

  1. Displaying titles in titlebars of the miral-shell example; and,
  2. additional features for shell developers to use.

Displaying Titles in Titlebars of the miral-shell Example

Titlebars now contain the window title. The font can be changed by using the –shell-titlebar-font command line option.

Additional Features For Shell Developers To Use

A new class miral::CommandLineOption that allows the developer to add and process command line options. (These can also be supplied via environment variables or config files in the same way as other options.)

A bunch of functions for managing Applications:

void apply_lifecycle_state_to(Application const& application, MirLifecycleState state);
auto name_of(Application const& application) -> std::string;
auto pid_of(Application const& application) -> pid_t;

Add miral::WindowManagerTools::force_close(Window const& window) to forcefully close a window (i.e. without a close request to the client)