There’s a new MirAL release (0.3.0) available in ‘Zesty Zapus’ (Ubuntu 17.04). MirAL is a project aimed at simplifying the development of Mir servers and particularly providing a stable ABI and sensible default behaviors.

Unsurprisingly, given the project’s original goal, the ABI is unchanged. The changes in 0.3.0 fall into three categories:

  1. bugfixes;
  2. enabling keymap in newer Mir versions; and,
  3. additional features for shell developers to use.


#1631958 Crash after closing Qt dialog

#1632325, #1633052 tooltips positioned wrong with mir-0.24

#1625849 [Xmir] Alt+` switch between different X11-apps not just windows.

Added miral-xrun as a better way to use Xmir

(unnumbered) miral-shell splash screen should be fullscreen.

(unnumbered) deduplicate logging of WindowSpecification::top_left

Enabling Keyboard Map in newer Mir versions

A new class miral::Keymap allows the keyboard map to be specified either programmatically or (by default) on the command line. Being in the UK I can get a familiar keyboard layout like this:

miral-shell --keymap gb

The class is also provided on Mir versions prior to 0.24.1, but does nothing.

Additional Features For Shell Developers To Use

#1629349 Shell wants way to associate initially requested window creation state with the window later created.

Shell code can now set a userdata property on the WindowSpecification in place_new_surface() and this is transferred to the WindowInfo.

Added miral/version.h to allow permit compile-time feature detection. If you want to detect different versions of MirAL at compile time you can, for example, write:

#include <miral/version.h>
#include <miral/keymap.h>

A convenient overload of WindowManagerTools::modify_window() that
doesn’t require the WindowInfo

One thought on “MirAL-0.3”

  1. MirAL-0.3 is now also in the Xenial Overlay PPA (ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/stable-phone-overlay)

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