There’s a new MirAL release (0.2.0) available in Yakkety. MirAL is a project aimed at simplifying the development of Mir servers and particularly providing a stable ABI and sensible default behaviors.

Unsurprisingly, given the project’s original goal, the ABI is unchanged. The changes in 0.2.0 fall into four categories:

  1. additional features for shell developers to use;
  2. enabling features available in newer Mir versions,
  3. improvements to the example server; and,
  4. bugfixes.

Additional Features for Shell Developers to use

There is a new “–window-management-trace” option for debugging window management. This provides detailed logging of the calls to and from the window management policy.

There is a new miral::CursorTheme class to load cursor themes.

Features available in newer Mir versions

Pointer confinement is now available (where underlying Mir version >= 0.24)
Enhanced “surface placement” handling and the results of “surface placement” requests are notified to clients (where supported by underlying Mir version >= 0.25).

Improvements to the Example Server

Improved resizing of size-constrained windows in miral-shell example.


#1621917 tests fail when built against lp:mir

#1626659 Dialogs with parents should be modal i.e. they receive focus when the parent is clicked

#1628482 Deadlock in default window manager when Ctrl+Alt+Backspace with a client connected

#1590099 Need to support pointer confinement in Mir and toolkits using Mir

#1616818 User can drag menus (and other inappropriate) surfaces

#1628033 Starting qtcreator on miral-shell gives an orphan “titlebar”

#1628594 advise_focus_lost() isn’t called when the active window is minimised/hidden

#1628630 miral should not change surface geometry because it got maximized

#1628981 TitlebarWindowManager: sometime the initial display of titlebars doesn’t happen

#1625853 Mouse cursor disappears (or just never changes) when entering the windows of Qt apps